Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Guilt and Gold - The Sacred and the Profane

At a deep, inner level the sacred and the profane are united by an underlying reality that acknowledges their interdependence and the truth that one has no meaning without the other. Without the contrast provided by the profane we could not become conscious of the sacred. We hide our sins for the same reason that we hide and keep out of sight what is most valuable so that thieves will not break in and steal our treasure.

When we become conscious of how sacred our sins are, we can bring them into the light and share their sacredness and their worth. Sharing secrets is an act of intimacy. The sharing connects us to others and is a major cure for loneliness. Folks in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) learned that a long time ago.

Jung said that the shadow, where we hide our sins in secret, is 90% pure gold. The sins we commit eventually catapult us onto a path that leads us to psychological as well as spiritual development. The path leads us to our self, a Jungian term for the totality of our being and a psychological construct for god within. Lawrence H. Staples, Guilt with a Twist, pg 34.

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