Friday, April 18, 2014

At Your Finger Tips: The Guilt Cure

Late in his life, Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, had a stunning insight about the nature of guilt. His insight reaches deep into humanity’s collective psychic experience, and reveals a mystery that challenges our conventional views. In Jung’s last book, Mysterium Coniunctionis, which he finished seven years before his death in 1961, he wrote, “that the opposites are the ineradicable and indispensable precondition of all psychic life, so much so that life itself is guilt.” C.G.Jung, Collected Works (CW) Volume 14, par. 206.

"If life itself is guilt, and life comes from God, then guilt must also come from God. And from his terrible deeds, we have grounds for suspecting that God is indeed guilty and that guilt may be as necessary for God’s life as it is for ours. God, or our idea of God, often appears to be strikingly similar to parents and other earthly authorities. And vice-versa." Pennington and Staples, The Guilt Cure, pg 1.